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In Plant Rug Cleaning is recommended for Oriental Rugs and loose woven rugs. They should not be cleaned on site like wall to wall carpet. Specialty Services of Idaho cares for your finest rugs from around the world as well as your bound carpet.

Specialty Services of Idaho’s 13 Step Rug Cleaning Process

Step 1: Initial Inspection
During our initial inspection we will determine as much as we can about the type of rug and characteristics and conditions that may affect cleaning.

Step 2: Pre-inspection and Photo Documentation. Every rug is thoroughly pre-inspected and photo documented front, back, sides, and fringe to determine and identify if there are pre-existing conditions which could potentially affect the cleaning process. We will carefully document these conditions to help determine the best method of safely yet effectively cleaning your rug.

Step 3: Pre-vacuuming
We will pre-vacuum your rug to remove surface hair, dander, lint and other insoluble dry-soil.

Step 4: Dusting
Dusting is the most important step in cleaning any rug. Dusting is gently beating the backside with a specialized machine allowing soils to sift downward and out of the pile.

Step 5: Color Fastness testing
We will perform a prolonged colorfastness test to determine which cleaning method to employ to avoid potential color migration problems while achieving effective cleaning results.

Step 6: Pre-Spotting
Any potentially difficult spots will be pre-treated with special solutions to increase chances of removal.

Step 7: Pre-Conditioning
Pre-conditioning your rug prior to cleaning allows the soil to be thoroughly dissolved and emulsified prior to the actual cleaning process.

Step 8: Fringe Pre-Treatment
The fringe is also treated with a specialty solution for maximum soil removal.

Step 9: Agitation
Our Rug experts will evaluate your rug to choose the best cleaning procedure possible for maximum soil removal based on fiber content, delicacy and colorfastness.

Step 10: Rinse or Flush
Soils will be thoroughly rinsed from you rug in a rug bath designed especially for area rugs and Orientals.

Step 11: Drying
High output dryers are used to speed the drying process.

Step 12: Fringe Cleaning
After cleaning a special procedure and solution are applied to restore the original color to the fringe.

Step 13: Grooming and Final Inspection
When the rug is dry, it is groomed in the direction of the pile with a soft bristle brush made for specialty rugs. A final vacuuming will remove loose fibers and dry soil that may have surfaced during the drying process.

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