Carpet & Color Repairs

Have you ever seen it?  A big wrinkle like bump in your carpet or one of your friends carpet.  It is an unsightly seen, and the wrinkle goes through the entire room.  What is this and why does it happen?  Many times after new carpet has been installed this will happen.

Why?  Most of the time it is due to improper installation of the new carpeting.  The installer either didn’t stretch it enough or didn’t quite get it engaged onto the tack strip to hold it in place.  It is a pretty common problem but there is a solution to the problem.  Specialty Services of Idaho can re-stretch your carpets and take that unsightly wrinkle out.  How about a bad seam in a doorway? Or maybe a pet has pawed at the carpet in a bedroom trying to get out and has shredded the carpet by the door, or perhaps in the middle of the room.

There are many things that can be done to repair problems or issues with your carpeting.  Specialty Services can repair a wide variety of problems from wrinkles to seams and yes in most cases from Fido shredding your carpet.  Let Specialty Services of Idaho help you get your carpeting back to the way you want it.

Have you ever seen a big spot in carpeting where there is no color?  It looks like someone spilled a cup of bleach on the floor!  There are things that can be done to repair the color of carpeting to remove those unsightly spots.  Specialty Services of Idaho are certified to do color correction in carpeting.  So if you have a spot that the color has been removed give Specialty Services of Idaho a call today.


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